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  • It is now a requirement for Anti-Money Laundering and Proof of Identity purposes we obtain clients TFN to prove they are who they are. If you do not have this information on file we will request this from the client at a later date.
  • Documents Required

  • Please upload the following documents or email them to warren@findinsurance.com.au:

    1. Third Party Authority
    2. Current Insurance Policies (if applicable)
    3. Current Superannuation Statement
    4. Copy of Drivers Licence
    5. TFN Declaration

    Note: Third Party Authority and TFN Declaration can be downloaded from this site by clicking on the links provided below.
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    • Acknowledgements

    • This acknowledgement must be read prior to submitting your information.
      The meaning of 'You', can refer to and have the meaning of 'You', 'Yours', 'the Client', 'the Member/s', 'the Trustee/s', 'the Company', 'the Trust', or 'Both Parties'. The meaning of 'Find Group' refers to 'Our', 'Us', 'We, and 'all companies and trading names e.g. Find Insurance, owned and operated by Warren Strybosch'.


      1. You hereby declare that all the above information is true and correct and You have the authority to release the above information to Find Insurance.

      2. We will be helping You sort out your Personal Insurance needs. It is likely You might take out new insurances as part of this process. You will not have to pay a fee to Us for doing this work however we will receive remuneration from the insurer (between 20 - 30% of the premiums payable). You understand and acknowledge that Hardeep will receive a portion of this remuneration.

      3. You agree to provide the necessary documentation when requested of You with regard to Personal Insurances so that We can provide the most appropriate quotes to You.

      4. You understand that You should have appropriate personal and general insurances in place and Find Insurance is not liable if the amount of cover you currently have or to decide to obtain, now or in the future, is not appropriate to Your needs.

      5. You understand financial planning advice can only be offered via Find Wealth Pty Limited t/as Find Insurance etc, and only after an Engagement Letter for services You have requested has been signed and agreed to by all relevant Parties. The Engagement Letter will be provided once We send through the Insurance Report with the indicative quotes.

      6. You understand that Find Insurance is part of the 'Find Group' of companies, consisting of Find Wealth Pty Limited, Find Accountant Pty Limited and Find Pty Ltd. We take Privacy seriously and will keep your information confidential within the 'Find Group'.

      7. You understand and acknowledge that Your information will be made available to the 'Find Group' so that we can better look after You with regard to your whole financial situation.

      8. You understand and agree that from time to time Our staff members may contact You to discuss particulars of Your financial situation.

      9. You understand and agree that Find Insurance and the 'Find Group' can discuss your personal information with You; whoever happens to be available at the time, when We try to contact you.

      10. You agree for your Broker to release Your information to Us when we request it of them and allow us to share Your information we obtain from You with your Broker.

      11. You further authorise the relevant Association to use any information in Our files or records for the sole purpose of Audit and Quality Assurance reviews in accordance with their Articles, By-Laws and Professional Statements.

      12. You agree and understand that We use Cloud based software and that Your information is stored on the software provider's servers.

      13. You also agree to Your information being transmitted via internet and accessed via internet.

      14. You understand and agree to Our staff, employees and contractors having access to Your information via the Cloud based software so that we can prepare your Insurance Reports and provide advice to You.

      15. You understand that meetings will most often be held via Cloud based software e.g. Zoom. You agree to all meetings being recorded and stored on Our systems. You may request a face to face meeting at any time where it is convenient to do so.

      By Pressing Submit, you understand and agree to the above Acknowledgements.